Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Week

I have been really busy lately, therefore neglected to post. 19 credits can be extremely time consuming. Anyway, hello everyone. Many of you know that from the doctor, I got the results so many of you (thank you) were praying for. I will have surgery in May, I will have a full sternal split, which is the same process as open heart surgery. My thymus glad, and thymoma (tumor on thymus gland) will be removed. A needle biopsy proved impossible due to the location, so looking at the shape of it, they are going to trust that it is cancer free. In preparation for my surgery, I will undergo IVIG treatment, which is a therapy that will strengthen my lungs, therefore reducing the risk that I will go into respiratory failure. People with my disease do not do well in surgery because of weak lungs. If I do not have this therapy, there is a chance that I will end up in the ICU on a breathing machine and have a lung infection, do not want that, therefore I will be going thru lung treatments before the surgery. I do not know the specific date of my surgery but it will be sometime around May 15th. It will be at Southdale hospital in Edina MN. I will be in the hospital about 3 days if no complications arise. Will let u know more on that as it gets closer. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support. I will post a picture of my chest scan below so you can see my tumor.

                 The two white masses in the middle of my chest that look like a butt, is my tumor. The black is my lung cavity, you can also see my ribs on the outside. I thought this was fascinating.

School has been very busy, I have had a lot of stressful events in my life lately. My RA Jessica was wonderful this week. I had a complete breakdown and she was there to help me through it. She made me feel so much better. I mention the RA's a lot in my posts, but they are simply wonderful, and I cannot nor would I want to imagine my freshman year without them.

Well Valentines day is on Tuesday. I am sad that I will not get to be with my Valentine. He will be here in spirit. He also told me he sent me something special in the mail =). Cannot wait to get it!!

Tuesday is the one year anniversary of the day my Nana flew home to be with Jesus. It will be tough, but peaceful knowing she is home with her family in Heaven. She is celebrating with her husband, my grandpa Walter. Cannot believe it has been a year already. Wow how time flies.

Well thats all I have time for now, but I love all of you so much, I love all your wonderful comments, please feel free to message me on facebook anytime as well! I love hearing from you!! Much love to you all and God bless you!!

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  1. So awesome and mysterious to see the mass on the thymus. It is enlightening for you to see the light at the end of the end to your weakness and medication. God truly has HIS hand upon you. Yes, the year has flown by since Nana has joined grandpa Walter and Tommy in heaven. We miss her but knowing she is with Jesus and her family is comforting. We are so glad for the help that the RA's have given to you. They are like little angels:):) Love ya honey, gram